Welcome to The Cyples Family Tree


What is it about the past that fascinates people?

Is it curiosity, a love of people and facts or a yearning to find out from whence you came? It is often said that the genes hold the secrets of life.... does history repeat itself.... These are just some of the thoughts and ideas that spurred me on to enquire further and find out more of my roots, whether good or bad!

Hence the project is conceived and many hours of research later, with lots of help from new kinsmen and women, this "thing" starts to come together. As I am nearing the end of my search, the time has come to try and make sense of it all. This site is part of that process and is an attempt to catalogue the name CYPLES and place it in it's rightful historical and social context. As time goes by, the site will grow and evolve as the data is collected, entered, inspected, sifted and refined. So please do come back for another look in the future and see how the family has grown.

Over the past months "new cousins" have been found and two of them are, like myself, interested in this fascinating subject of genealogy. They were pleased to share their findings with me and allowed me to make use of their research, and so enabled me to update the site more successfully. So it is a great big thank you to June Rodger and Earl Davis.

I would also like to thank the people who have sent me pictures of their "Cyples" pottery pieces. If there are still more of you out there, who hold and treasure (or otherwise) these old pots, please feel free to contact me with their descriptions and photographs. It has amazed me to learn that there are still pieces of Cyples pottery still in circulation, even as far away as New Zealand!

It goes without saying that this is very much a "Work in progress". If you should find an error or omission on this site then please, please do drop me a line. I'm always delighted to hear from anyone who visits.

Edna Mary Smith (nee Cyples)
29th December 1999