The Broken Branch

There is a whole section of the family that is well documented, but so far cannot be totally tied in to the main arm of the family tree. For several reasons this branch has not been included in previous up-dates, but as time has gone on, and no more new evidence has come to light, there seems to be no point in delaying the inclusion of the data. Who knows, someone out there may hold the clue to our missing link!


There is talk that somewhere in the past there was a foundling or an orphan, possibly with the name of "Burton", who was taken in and reared by this branch of the family. The child is believed to have taken on the family name of, Cyples. Again, at the moment there is no proof of this, but the information concerning this act has come from more than one source.


The family group can be traced back to William Cyples and Ellen Ball. Ellen was the daughter of Sylvannus and Jane Ball. The Balls were an old Shropshire family. So far we have been unable to establish the parents of William, or to find a marriage reference for the couple. However, from this point in time there is much information to share.