The Cyples Family
Letters from the New World
6th February 1947

F and Family:
Yours recd a few days ago and to answer your questions
popping corn: Shell the corn if its still on the ear Have a fairly hot fire take off stove lid put frying pan on the fire; put in corn spread over bottom of pan; cover frying pan and shake F. pan back and forth so corn does not burn; soon corn will pop and lid of pan will keep corn from popping out. After corn is popped empty F. pan into a table dish then sprinkle on salt to taste then take it up with your fingers and eat it. It is eaten between meals as you might an apple. I put it in thinking it would please Edna.
Had a talk with our M.P. Yes he said he thought an immigration policy would be inaugurated. and he was much in favor of mass immigration all you can do is go in March to booking office but make it last of March and so avoid paying passage as long as practicable so yhat if any reduction in fares in the meantime you can get the benefit of it. As for myself I am helping an acquaintance build a fishing boat 8' x 30' then he will assist me to build a boat I think I,ll make it 18' x 6' with an engine. What for ? For pleasure.
Yes sell everthing except the clothes on your back because clothing is not rationed here and is not scarce and can be bought cheaper here.
My work shoes new only cost $2.00 per pair and they wear for months and are comfortable.
Best regards
I remember these food parcels appearing from time to time and as far as I can remember they contained such items as packet soup, stock cubes, sugar, cocoa etc.
There was a parcel, however, that contained what we thought was chicken feed and as we did not keep chickens we were somewhat puzzled as to why uncle Len should send us some corn. I had never heard of popcorn, let alone tasted it, so we were all at a bit of a loss as to what to do with the stuff----hence the instructions in the last letter of how to pop the corn!!!
I honestly do not think, that even after getting the instructions of how to make the popcorn, we ever did make it. The pleasure of eventually tasting the stuff was left until residing in Canada.