The Cyples Family
Letters from the New World

11th January 1947

Fred and Family:
I have just finished reading your letter of 6/1/47 and I don't know whether you recall my last air mail letter. You should have read it before you this of 6/1/47
I have not much to say in this letter except to repeat what I said in my last letter.
It would be a mistake to come her without 1st seeing all of your brothers and sisters because because tho you do not realize a large part of your ill feeling for them is due to the fact that you had to work too hard years ago to help rear them. I think that your father was mostly to blame and after you have been here a while your resentment will ease. In any case look at it as and errand or a business visit because I want the latest data as regards them.
The head of the immigration Dept here has expressed his belief that parliament which opens this month will inaugerate a comprehensive plan as regards immigration and its likely there will be lower fares, so that its possible that by Feb or March. It would seem to me that the thing to do would be to apply for passage for say April 1st and if cheaper rates due to the Can. Govt immigration policy come about they should be opterative by then and if you can qualify then you would get the cheaper fare.
There is no reason why you should not let the others know that you are in touch with me.
As I said in my last letter. As regards baggage reduce it to the smallest amount that is practicable for I have not much storage space and besides since evidently you can sell all surplus stuff there at a good advantsge it would be better to do so and then buy here Canadian style.
As regards households goods I think you could realize more money by selling things an article at a time over a period of time than by holding an Auction. In travelling I have found it useful to have a light blanket to wrap around me as in the night the temperature in cars some times drop. If a man has an over coat that will do for him.
I cannot think of anything more but remember that you should book passage so as to establish a priority. Other wise you may have to wait longer than you want to. Sometimes one sees an "ad " offering a reward for information leading to a house to rent If its that way thow???? could you not turn a few pounds as regards your own house?
Best regards

PS When writing be sure to inclue all latest information