The Cyples Family
Letters from the New World
13th July 1945
Dear Nephew and Family:
Yours of the 11/20 arrived yesterday with snaps and card and thanks for the same.

You will see by the enclosed that I had to go down to the immigration office and had to be interviewed. In short they are opposed to allowing people enter Canada unless thet have relations of theirs here who are capable and willing to assist the new comers until such time as they are able to fend for themselves. at the conclusion of the interview I asked as to about soon he thought that you would be able to obtain passage and the ??? replied that he thought that it would be some months before you were able to get it.
You will have by now received both parcels. Now if you need other things such as clothing then write giving particulars. I had given your age to the immigration as 31 yrs where as you say that you're 43. Perhaps you should contact them at your end? In many censes 43 is too old for one to immigrate but not necessarily in your case. However its quite an important matter for you to decide for it is a long way to come and it means that you and Mrs C must leave your friends and relations a long way behind and one should think carefully of this and all other factors and you should know as nearly as possible just what and how you are likely to find things here.
So I should state fully my own financial circumstances. I am living in thus 4 unit apt.Bldg The other 3 suites pay me a rental of $55.00 per month. Another house I have rents for $50.00 and ten others rent for $18.00 each and I have a 1/2 interest in another building that rents for $52.50. My share being $26.25 per mo. so to itemize everything
Monthly rental income $167.25
Interest on money loaned (Monthly approx) $7.00
Other securities $1,000.00 of industrial stock 15% prefered shares $1,000.00 
Approximately $2,000.00 in oil and mining stock $2,000.00 
Victory bonds & cash in hand $18.00
Now this above may sound adequate but its surprising how a depression can decrease ones income. Now there are no mines here (the nearest being 40 miles away) so I don't think it would be convienent for you to work as a miner here nor advisable but in-stead take up something else. I'd say acquire some building skill. with the view of working as a carpenter and after becoming profficient do bulding on your or our own.
Now perhaps you may find it practicable to come yourself first, that is if you do decide to come at all or it may not be practicable to come. and leave the wife behind to follow later on account of the cost of her maintainence In any case I have made all the suggestions I can think of. and if you come I'll assist you here as much as I can.
Best regards