The Cyples Family
Letters from the New World

16th November 1946
Ever since receiving your letter I have been trying to come to a settled decision as to what is best to do regarding your coming out. The fact that I have never seen any of you and only know you as a result of the exchange of a few letters has not made it any easier for one can never fully understand nor know one as one can if he sees the person, how he lives ,his habits good or bad. In other words letters leave many things unsaid and some things unaccounted for etc
Let us look at it this way: Suppose that you had your family's fare plus a reserve of say $500.00 would you at your age go to say Australia or Africa or some part of America I think your decision would be no because you would rason "I am too old to make a new start". On the other hand you would say :"If I had one or more sons it would be different. I then do it for the sake of giving them a better opportunity in life" My friends all say that 35 is almost too old.
Now when I made application for your passport I was under the impression that you were 32 and I gave your age as such. I have never been very enthusiastic with the idea mainly because you have no boys. I would attach??? a considerable amount of inconvience on my part and reajustment and for what? no constructive benifits, since in England, for many years to come there will be plenty of work you would be as well off to remain there provided you can change your employment to something more suitable and which will enable you to live and to work with in your strength.
This may require you obtain new skill to acquire this knowledge and ability may require you to go to some school such as a trade school (don't say you are too old I am attending a night school now at 65 I am taking a course in plumbing)
To do this may require some financial assistance and that is where I come into the picture but the first thing to decide is: From mining what else could you work at that would be within your now??? strength?
Now space will will not allow to say all I have to say so am going to write you a letter by ordinary mail on the subject of a suitable job and your run down condition and answer after receiving it
I shall write right away so you should get it in a fortnight or so.