The Cyples Family
Letters from the New World

19th May 1947
Fred & Family:
Just recd your letter dated 14/5/47 and it would seem that your turn to come will be soon. Now come the 1st chance UNLESS YOU NEED MORE PRACTICE AT THE PLASTERING AND THE MAN WHO IS TEACHING YOU CAN ADVISE YOU. If you are not reasonabled skilled you could arrange with the Booking office to take a later boat. You are the judge. A friend yesterday told me that he saw in the paper where they are advertising for plasterers.I mailed you a letter a few days ago by ordinary mail.
Now there is nothing more to write. I will meet you at the RR depot if I know the train.On the EVENING before your arrival in Vancr. you could send a night telegram to read like this: Will arrive in Vancr. to morrow at -on CPR train No 19 (or what ever the number is the conductor can tell you ) and when you write the address also give this phone number: " North 2012 Y " The telegraph co will telephone message to that number, which is the phone of one of my tenants here who will inform me. State what RR co depot. CPR or CNR.
Now in case I do nt meet you go to North Van ferry wharf take ferry to N Van ( I may enclose tickets ) Now walk right up the street where the ferry lands ( that Lonsdale Ave ) Count the cross streets as you walk and the 4th one will be 3rd St. Turn left walk 1 block enter corridor door numbered 207 go to the door with an "O" over the top. If door unlocked walk in Bring only essential baggage and your plastering over alls if you have plastering clothes and tools Clothing etc etc is cheaper here. And we shan't have too much space for to store things.
Now there is nothing more to write about.
You seem to have sufficient funds to get here; and that will be all you will need.

I don't dare enclose ferry tickets.
Fare is 5, &10c