The Cyples Family
Letters from the New World



Your letter dated 16/4/47 to-day. Now I wrote you a few days ago and incase you did not get my letter I said in part: By all means learn the plastering

Even if you have to take a later boat. Learn it reasonably well so I can introduce you here to a plasterer as your being a plasterer but that I'd like him to show you Canadian methods.

You should realize that by getting a little skill there as a plasterer that it will enable you to earn double pick and shovel wages here. Also I want to remind you to make nots in a note book as instructed in my last letter. Don't be discouraged as its about 99% practise.

As I said in my last letter take 1st boat after you and your instructor consider you are proficient enough to get by. Speed and better work will come with practise here.

If this extra expense calls for more funds write me accordingly.

I note what you said about your married sister. I suspect that I had better aid her. after I get particulars from you here.

I can't think of more to write as I said about everthing in my last letter

If you have not learned it sufficently before notified by booking office explain to them you are not quite ready.

If you acquire the plastering skill I shall then feel that I have really aided you. On the other hand I'd hate to tell people that all you could do was pick and shovel work at the lowest wages and transient work at that (un-steady.) You can rest a few weeks on arrival if necessary.