The Cyples Family
Letters from the New World



Dear Fred & Family:

This letter is to notify you that to-day I arranged for their London branch to pay yor account 75 pounds.I'll post the bank draft in a day or two.

This will make a little more than $400.00 I have sent you. either towards your fare out here or to aid you to qualify for a lighter job where you are if that be practicable You see at yiur age its very difficult for you to change especially there. Surely you must have realized years ago that the coal mining was unsuitable for you as a life occupation? And so worked for a change say long before your present age?

Your aunt Nell here was in constant communication with your father until her death and yet none of you children ever seemingly said enough to ask her about coming to Canada. Had any of you earnestly expressed a wish to come I am sure that she would would have aided you. Surely everyone knows a new country is better than a densely populated old one?

I cannot enclose anything in this letter so must send the draft by ordinary mail. This is the 3rd letter that I have written you since I got yours 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Talk it over with W Cyples and if its decided that it is not practicable for you to qualify for an other job then you can use the money for your fare.

I shall send draft by ordinary mail in a day or two and will write some more then..