The Cyples Family
Letters from the New World

24th September 1945
Dear Nephew and Family:
Am enclosing a few snaps taken recently. The othres taken were duds or there would have been more to enclose.
I cannot think of much to say. I was looking at a larger house a week ago with the view of buying it the asked price was $6500.00 and it was divided into units 2 rm suites. Revenue $150.00 per month. However I did not buy it as I realized the folly of taken on more responsibilities at my age in life. Had however had you and your family been here its likely that I would have acquired the property.
In a former letter you stated that being the eldest of the children it was necessary for you in years gone by to help with the others. Well then it would seem that you are entitled to a "break" as we say here.
In a few months it may be allowable for one like you to come here to Canada if so would you entrtain the idea of coming if I wqere to provide the necessary financial assistence? If so and if you came I'd suggest that you come with the intention of remaining here if you thought it your best economic interests yo do so. In that case (in case you decided to remain) the wife and family---your child-would them come
What would you do here? No mining There is of course mining here in Canada but it would be practicable for you to become a joiner or as we call it a carpenter with view of building houses for sale, with financial assistence from me. On the other hand you both may be averse to removing to Canada for economic reasons. However I have made the suggestion and it is something for you both to consider.
We are all glad that the war is over.
Best wishes to you all

Your uncle Len