The Cyples Family
Letters from the New World

26th July 1946
Dear Fred and Family:
Your letterof 26/6/46 Recd a week ago. I notice that you say that you have been off work foir a month due to illness. The fact is I suspect that you are run down owing to insufficient quality of food plus work in the mine with is not a very good occupation for anyone, especially after one has past his prime. As for us people out here living conditions are much easier for instance: If I want potatoes, peas, strawberries, rasspberries, or any vegetables to eat I just step outside to the garden and get them, whereas you must buy everything and your mal-nutrition is more or less inevitable.
I could put you on your feet if you were out here but there is little that I feel like doing as long as you are there. Now I recall you said that you did not have enough money to come this far, so I have decided to send you a total of $500.00 within the next few months. However I may not send it all at once but $100.00 at a time as I can convienently spare it. You see it is this way with me :A month ago I bought a house for $1450.00 cash. Made a hundred dollars of improvements on it and sold it two days ago for $2750.00 but only got $1300.00 cash balance will come in payments of $35.00 each month. And now I have in mind another building which will cost me $2700.00 cash so I must find another extra $1400.00 so that you see I keep using my surplus funds. However after this I shall buy no more for the present and shall then accumalate surplus funds. And shall then send you the above funds.
I think that in a year or so there will be special rates from England (settlers) when you could come. Don't worry as to how you would make a living after you got here. For I have sufficient income from rents and interest to see that you got on alright financially. They would not and did not grant you a passport until I appeared before the immigrant officials here in person and proved that I was financially able to look after you. Otherwise they would not have issued the passport. I am told that there are thousands who want to come but who are unable to get passports because they have no-one here financially able or willing to sponser them.
Tho I am going to send this money you don't have to come here. You can use it for any opther purpose. Keep it to help educate Edna for instance. Or on the other hand I think it would be to your best interest to come. and a mistake to not come.
You need to quit the coal mines and work above ground.
About the earthquake yes it shook the building I was in quite violently, but it did no damage here.
Well I can't think of much more to write.

Yours sincerely

PS the few ?????? was written a couple of days ago.
I do not know whether to buy the above bulding or not .its 200 foot long and contains 24 rooms. Alterations would make 32 romms (about) suites for 8 families @ a rent of 20 per suite Earns $160.00 but so long as I have no relatives here what is the use of my acquiring more property? It would never do any of you any good. Either while I am living or after I am dead.