The Cyples Family
Letters from the New World

29th April 1947
Dear Fred & Family:
Yours of 22/4 recd yesterday and Iam glad to learn that you have made what seems to be a satisfactory plastering arrangement. I hope that you will be able to secure passage as soon as the plasterer and you both consider yourself reasonably profficient
As for myself I am quite busy. I am preparing to build a 2 car garage (20' x 20' lumber) but it is very hard to get material Also one suite has become vacant here where I live and always in such cases there are some improvements and repairs to make but I make my own.
If the plumbing needs any repairs, or a little electrical wiring to do or plastering its I do it myself. Then another fellow and I have another 4 suite apt Bk and a vacancy is taking place with more fixing for the incoming tenant.
I am putting in more garden this Spring since I am expecting you all. To date I have in peas carrots beets parsnips and corn also some leafy vegetable Shall put in tomatoes and cabbage (have potatoes planted) shall have lots of raspberries and some strawberries.
I have a 3 car garage where I live and people ask me if I have any more space so I am building this new one on some vacant ground that I have about 1/2 a block away (the taxes on it will be or are about $100.00 a yr and so the garage will ( by rent) largely pay the taxes. Then if there seems more demand I shall build another along side.
I can't think of anything more to write. I shall be glad to learn about when you can get away but of course you should become reasonably profficient as you can at the plastering since you are paying for the instruction.
Best regards to you all.